Google™ Powered

Serverbuilt's Website Analytic Reports utilize Google Analytics™ web metrics API to take important metrics and output them into a easy to digest format.

Businesses TRUST Google as the industry standard for anything related to SEO, optimization, and analytics.

Google currently has over 90% of the search market and is the most popular website in the world. This means that the majority of your customers will be regular Google users and most of the visitors to your site will find you through their search facilities. Serverbuilt keeps you up to date with the latest Google releases, so your websites stay on the cutting edge of the internet.

Web Analytics Data

  • How Visitors Find You
  • Average Visit Duration
  • Average Page Views/ Visit
  • New vs. Returning Visitors
  • Traffic Type
  • Top Browser Type
  • Total Page Views
  • Top Site Pages
  • Top Referring Sites
  • Email Marketing Traffic
  • Top Visitors by State
  • Top Visitors by Country
  • Page Views by Page
  • Most Popular Pages
  • Top Visitor Device

Social Network Data


Twitter Current Followers
Twitter Shares


Youtube Current


Facebook Current Fans
Facebook Shares


Instagram Current

  • Google Plus + Shares
  • Pinterest Shares
  • Linkedin Shares
  • StumbleUpon Shares
  • Reddit Shares
  • Delicious Shares

Frequently Asked Questions

We need to collect one month of data in order to start creating your reports. We utilize your Google Analytics Tracking code, Google Webmaster tools, and your social media links to make one.

Don't worry! It's a quick and easy set up that we'll help you with once we get started.

No, we will never ask for your private loging information. Will will show you how to give us limited access to your accounts to access the analytics. We will never have access to edit or post to your accounts.

Each report will remain live for your easy access through your serverbuilt account.